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Computer Memory Buyer's Guide

Shopping for cheap computer memory is even easier than it's ever been. The prices of PC memory have dropped and they keep dropping. This is might be to do with the extreme competition amongst manufacturers. You can buy 1GB of PC2-6400 ram through our site for as low as $13 and even lower than that! There was a time when ram prices were about 5-6 times that much! Which is why now is a great time to buy ram and lots of it.

Depending on your PC you'll need to figure out what type of ram your PC uses. There are a number of different ram types that have been designed in the past and some of them are still used today. But the most common type that is used today is DDR SDRAM which stands for "double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory". There are however different types of DDR SDRAM too which are just improvements on the original standard of DDR SDRAM such as DDR2, DDR3 ram etc. If you don't know what type of ram you have and your pc is not more than 3-4 years old then you most likely will have either DDR or DDR2. The best thing to do is just look in your PC's motherboard manual as it should tell you there. Or if you don't have the manual anymore then look at the back of your PC and check for the make and model type, which is normally the case if you bought your?PC from a PC manufacturer such as DELL or Compaq. Then type the name of your PC into google so you can figure out what motherboard it uses etc which is kind of a newbie way of doing it but it gets the job done. Another easy way is to use a program called CPU-Z which will display a decent amount of information about your pc such as the CPU, Motherboard, RAM and more.

Memory buying guide

As you can see in the picture to the left it states that the ram is DDR3 and currently there is 4096Mb which is 4GB. Pay close attention to where it says "timings". These timings are important for when you decide to buy new ram. The reason for this is mainly for those who are upgrading their computer's ram as it's generally not a good idea to mix two sticks of ram that have been programmed with different memory timings. It is known to cause some problems depending on the type of motherboard you have allthough sometimes you can get away with it, it's just best to play it safe to avoid headaches later. If you want to learn a great deal more about memory timings then read this.

If you're buying new ram all together and aren't planning on mixing new sticks with your old sticks of ram then you don't really need to pay too much attention to the ram timings as your motherboard's BIOS will actually configure the timings that best suit the stable running of your PC, atleast that's what it's supposed to do and in most cases it does. The main thing is that you know whether the ram you need is either DDR, DDR2 etc. If you have a really old PC it might even use PC133 but we are not gonna get into that.

Bare in mind that the quality of memory you buy varies between each manufacturer. So as a recommendation go for either Crucial memory, Kingston memory or OCZ ram. There are other good manufacturers such as Samsung memory and maybe hynix memory. But those three we have mentioned are known to us as being quality as we have used them personally in many computers and custom builds.